Satellite Search

A simple and light interface to search for Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Images


Landsat and Sentinel image search results is powered by Developmentseed new Satellite API.

Landsat and Sentinel images previews are from USGS Earth Explorer and Sentinel on AWS S3 (via Sinergise).

This project is powered by Mapbox-GL API and the awesome vector tile technology develloped by Mapbox.

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  • Zoom / Pan map into your area of interest (AOI)
  • Set Sat Checkbox to the satellite you want (Sentinel-2 / Landsat-8)
  • Click on the blue tile covering the AOI
  • Click on the item of interest on the image list on the left (bottom in case of small screen)
  • Scroll through the available images
  • Click on AWS/USGS logo to access summary product page
  • Click on button to get more download option
  • Preview image bands combinations
Landsat Only

Inside the download modal you can download a full resolution (30m) image of the selected band combination. Image is processed on-demand (about 20sec) and then available on AWS S3 RemotePixel bucket. (wait for the 'Ready' button).

The processed Landsat is in Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectances and * 10000 to reduce disk usage.

Image is delivered as 16-bit data, for display purpose you'll have to scale the values between 0 and 255.

Note: Making Landsat RGB combination available at full resolution (30m) cost money (AWS hosting and processing). Depending on the usage, this feature could be disabled.

Processing Level

Landsat data available on AWS are in Level 1T:

Standard Terrain Correction (Level 1T) - provides systematic radiometric and geometric accuracy by incorporating ground control points while employing a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for topographic accuracy. Geodetic accuracy of the product depends on the accuracy of the ground control points and the resolution of the DEM used: Ground control points used for Level 1T correction are derived from the GLS2000 data set. DEM sources include SRTM, NED, CDED, DTED, GTOPO 30, and GIMP.


Sentinel data available on AWS are in Level 1C:

Level-1C processing includes radiometric and geometric corrections including ortho-rectification and spatial registration on a global reference system with sub-pixel accuracy. Level-1C processing is broken down into the following steps: - Tiles association: selection of pre-defined tiles intersecting the footprint of the required image. - Resampling grid computation: enabling linking of the native geometry image to the target geometry image (ortho-rectified). - Resampling of each spectral band in the geometry of the ortho-image using the resampling grids and an interpolation filter. Calculation of the TOA reflectances also occurs in this step. - Masks computation: cloud and land/water masks are generated. - Imagery compression of the resultant Level-1C imagery via the JPEG2000 algorithm and a GML geographic imagery-encoded header.


Reflectance, often between 0 and 1, is converted into integer values, in order to preserve the dynamic range of the data by applying a fixed coefficient (1000 by default).



Source code of the project is on GitHub.


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Version: 3.0
Landsat 8 / Sentinel 2
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