WRS2 Tiles API

Two new projects just poped up on the webmapping section: Landsat 8 Next and Landsat 8 wrs2tiles, and they both are based on a new REST(like) API I made.

In addition to Landsat API by developmentseed for landsat images search, I wanted a simple api just to find the wrs2 tiles given a location (point or polygon). So I'm proud to launch a new api on api.remotepixel.ca

WRS2Tiles API is based on Elascticsearch+Python and hosted on one of my Raspberry Pi. Queries should take less than 0.1 sec.

Call examples:

  1. http://api.remotepixel.ca/wrs2tiles?search=lat:20.3325+AND+lon:53.3212121
  2. http://api.remotepixel.ca/wrs2tiles?count=lat:20.3325+AND+lon:53.3212121
  3. http://api.remotepixel.ca/wrs2tiles?search=poly:[[-74.1,45.3], [-74.1,45.9], [-73.25,45.9], [-73.25,45.33], [-74.1,45.3]] (geojson coordinates)

Landsat8 wrs2tiles

Inspiration and Freely adapted form the amazing Landsat-API by Developmentseed.