Villarrica Eruption | Landsat 8 Before/After

On March 3, 2015 Chilean authorities raised the Alert Level to Red after a violent eruption starts on the Villarrica volcano. Thousand of people were evacuated and no major damage has been reported after two days of eruption.

This strombolian episode led to astonishing pictures making the head news on 4 and 5 March.

The left image below is the result of Landsat 8 432 bands combination before the 3rd March eruption in comparison with the Landsat 8 432 bands combination of the 10th March scene on the right side. The amount of change is massive. Half of the snow cover disappeared and some lava or melting flows are seen on both side of the volcano as we can see on the before/after combination of Landsat 8 panchromatic bands (bottom image).

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  • LC82320872015053LGN00 - 2015-02-22 (link)
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