Easily create MODIS-VIIRS Imagery GIF animation

This is a long time asked project! MODIS and SUOMI spacecrafts are providing us daily imagery of entire Earth, with available archives up to 2012. So doing GIF animation is something that can realy show impact of Human or Nature over some areas. At first I didn't want to devellop it because I knew that NASA Worldview had a tool develloped for doing it.

But with someome asking me again if I planned to devellop a tool to do it, I started to think about a design, and in less than a week after a first draft here it is: MODIS-VIIRS Gif

I tried to keep the project as simple as possible with few options, but if you see anything that could be improved please tell me contact@remotepixel.ca

one, two, three clicks and your done!