RemotePixel Liftoff #AprilFools

Press Release

Montréal, April 1, 2016

Today I'm proud to announce that RemotePixel will built and launch its first spacecraft this summer.

It has been on my mind for month and with the profit made with plus the participation of a Canadian hedge funds the dream is going to be realised.

Playing with Landsat and Modis data was not enought, I always had plans to build something bigger! What if you could have acces to an Earth Observation spacecraft and decide what to observe. This is the aim of RemotePixel, briging space for everyone! with a simple web interface people will be able to task RemotePixel satellite and get the image in near realtime.

Built from scratch

Built arround simple technologies, RemotePixel EVOD spacecraft design is meant to be simple but robust. With a pixel resolution of 4m, images will provide as much as information as PlanetLab's Doves spacecraft.

Launch is scheduled for late July form Kazakhstan. Stay tuned for more info.

EVOD #1 RemotePixel Earth Observation spacecraft