From Space to your living room

Today I'm really proud to launch my new project: Poster by Remotepixel

Design your poster in few clicks

With the project I wanted to ease access to satellite imagery. Today with the Poster App I really want to put Remote Sensing in your living room. Poster App devellopment started in July 2015 when I realised how easy it was to access satellite imagery (Thanks to NASA and ESA). In the same time I felt I had the ability (with all I have learned develloping to produce something that could really democratize satellite imagery.

The starting idea was to create an simple and elegant interface to access daily global NASA MODIS satellite Imagery. But as the project was going on I realised that it could be nice to add the possibility for user to print its design on high quality paper with professional printers.

I hope you'll like this project as I do!

  • Printed poster will be manualy checked before shipping.
  • Shipping is included in price.
  • Secure Payment via Paypal.
  • Real life examples comming soon...