This is a following post to the recent announcements from Sinergise concerning change in Sentinel 2 L1C data on AWS.

Early notes:

Quesako ?

So what the heck this blog post is about ???. Well, the incoming change on AWS Sentinel Public Dataset will remove the http direct access to Sentinel-2 band data (*.jp2).

Short version: is soon going to be useless to access Sentinel-2 data.

This is really infortunate but I totally understand why this change needs to happen... because yes in the name AWS Public Dataset there is the acronym AWS.

Are AWS PDS open data ?

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch

Well everything is said here, when it's free and easily available you should ask yourself when this is going to stop.

Since the early stage of RemotePixel, I've been working on AWS infrastructure because it was simple, fast, relaiable and had Landsat-8 data. So when the Sentinel-2 PDS was announced it was really a great news because I could expand some project and create new ones. But to me the key point was the possibility to download the data without passing via the slow/bad ui copernicus scihub,

As the Landsat PDS, the Sentinel PDS is managed by a private company with the AWS support. This means that we have to trust the company in charge about decisions taken on the dataset. This is exaclty the point where the `Open` data become not really open.

Access to Sentinel data is free, full and open for the broad Regional, National, European and International user community. View Terms and Conditions.

This is the `License` statement for Sentinel-2 PDS (link)

RemotePixel ? is a free/subscription less website and will stay as it is. For more than 3 years I've tried to make earth observation data available to everyone via tools, code and services. Decision like this one makes me sad because 75% of Remotepixel visitors use to download individual Sentinel-2 band data and they won't have any easy solution anymore without having an AWS account and pay per download.