Making High Resolution GIF with Landsat 8

For the past few weeks I've been learning how to use github. And following more and more peoples lead me to discover some interesting projects (SentinelSat or Resto). Especially one from Alex Kappel which remind me of a RemotePixel project: landsat-gifworks

"landsat-gifworks" aim is to create Landsat 8 annimation with full resolution images. Downloading and Processing full Landsat 8 image is quite heavy so I decided to create a simple python script to ease the annimation creation (as I did with landsat 8 evolution project.)

Script is really basic. You enter a lat/lon location and it will create an annimation taking a 10km buffer around the given point. Main trick is I'm not downloading the full image, but only reading the needed part on amazon S3 hosted landsat image (via gdal vsicurl).

Script is still under developpement, but should work at least on unix computer.

Landsat 8 annimation over Egypt
More info :
  • Github Repository