Landsat and AWS Lambda

About a year ago I blogged about Landsat data being hosted on AWS. But ever since I never had the chance to play with it.

After the (see blog) script which create high resolution GIF from Landsat data hosted on AWS S3, I'm happy to launch my new demo project: Landsat NDVI Series.

Getting serie of NDVI values from Landsat 8 images in few seconds

This project was built to test the capacity of AWS Lambda to do some fast and simple image processing using python and Landsat 8 images. What is fantastic with Lambda, is that you do not need to manage server, you just need to care about code (python, Java or NodeJS).

This is my first 100% cloud project and I cannot wait to try other AWS services to build processing services or app.

In the following section I'll explain how I created my lambda function with GDAL pyton bindings.

Technical (Unix + Python)

I'm a big fan of the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - GDAL library but creating a AWS Lambda function package that include the gdal-python bindings was not a trivial task so I'll try to describe my approach (embedded gist).

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