Updating old projects

While I was thinking about a new project, I realised I could work on some old projects to add somes requested features.

Most of the landsat projects on RemotePixel use Landsatlook images provided by USGS (info). Those images result from the combination of bands 6, 5 and 4 and they are really useful if you want to distinguish vegetation, snow an water. But other band combination could be useful to have!

Thanks to Amazon, Landsat scene hosted on AWS are available with overviews (in additition to internal tilling), so it's possible to access a preview of each landsat bands hosted on S3 and combine them to create landsatlook like image but with other bands combination.

I have updated two projects to add the band combination selection options: Landat 8 Mosaics | Landat 8 Evolution

Note: As those projects relly on Landsat hosted on AWS, it might be slightly different about the image avaibility.