Following a small update of Satellite Search Project early september that increased the speed and lowered the data usage, today I'm happy to add a new feature on RemotePixel's popular project.

With near 200 users per day Satellite Search is by far the most visited project on This is absolutly crasy (and I'm not talking about the 10's of E-mail I received since july). I'm really glad this project can be useful to people. I also need to mention again that this project won't be possible without Mapbox support.

So having one access point for both Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 is useful but there is still something that is not user friendly: Creating RGB composite.

On demande Landsat processing

I've being trying to devellop this feature for a while and with some help from awesome GDAL master Even Rouault this is now possible.

In the download modal you can now download the wanted band combination.

Landsat Only

Sentinel-2 data require more processing time and disk usage ($$$), but I'll try add the same feature later.

New info section

I rewrote the 'info section' to add more content.

New Info section / download button in Landsat Download