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Search API

How to build a simple but powerfull Landsat/Sentile API using AWS Lambda

GISday 2017

The day I gave a talk and wasn't prepared

Hello old friend!

Earth Observation for anyone and by anyone...

DisasterWatch Version 1.0

Access Satellite Imagery where it is needed

Create and Download Full Resolution Landsat-8

Adding a new feature in Satellite Search...

Landsat 8 MVT: a Mapbox Vector Tiles Experiment

Making the best out of Mapbox Vector Tiles...

SandFire Sentinel-2 image

Sentinel-2 false color image of SandFire, CA

Satellite Search

A new portal to search for Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 images...


Mapping FrenchTech ReviensLeon initiative job offers...

MODIS-VIIRS GIF Animation Creation

Creating GIF animation using NASA satellite imagery...

Mapbox GL map comparison

After my first taste of GL in ...

Poster: Improving User Experience with Mapbox-GL

Since the official launch of Poster by RemotePixel I have been trying to improve the user experience to make the poster creation easier ...

Updating projects

Back to real stuff this time.

RemotePixel Liftoff #AprilFools

Press Release about RemotePixel First Satellite ...

RemotePixel is One

Today is celebrating its first anniversary ...

Poster by RemotePixel

From space to your living room with Poster by RemotePixel. Design you own poster from satellite imagery ...

Playing with AWS and Landsat

Playing with AWS Lambda

Making High Resolution GIF with Landsat 8

Simple python script for Landsat 8 animation creation

Publish before/after map on your website

I made a slight change on the MODIS-VIIRS Before/After project ...

MODIS Before/After: UPDATE

Update on MODIS Before/After project: Adding VIIRS Imagery

Doce River after Samarco Mine Disaster

A dramatic view of Rio Doce after Samarco Dam breach

Doce River after Samarco Mine Disaster

On Thursday, Nov. 5, Brazil had encounter maybe its worst ever environmental disaster ...

Beto Rodriguez Dam breach

Beto Rodriguez Dam breach before/after comparison

Landsat 8 Mosaic API updated

No more jpg, get GIS friendly GeoTIFF Landsat 8 mosaics (from landsat look previews) throught RemotePixel API.

Landsat 8 before/after of Cotopaxi volcano

Before/After Cotopaxi vocalno eruption.

New Tool: MODIS Before/After

Announcement of a new tool to ease access to NASA MODIS global and daily imagery.

Mount Adams wildfire - 26 August 2015

Comparison between Landsat 8 false colors combination and brigthness temperature over Mount Adams wildfile

A Before/After Map of Argentina Floods (August 2015)

Within a few days, Buenos Aires and Santa-Fe provinces received more than 200 mm (8 inches) of rain...

Before/After the new Suez Canal extension

A Before / After Map of Suez canal with Landsat 8 images

Review: RemotePixel tools

After the first 6 month in the RemotePixel adventure (and as I have no new project to present) it's a good time to do a quick review of the tools/services available through the WebMapping Page.

New Tool: WRS2 Tiles API

Two new projects just poped up on the webmapping section:
Landsat 8 Next
Landsat 8 wrs2tiles
Both are based on a new REST(like) API I made...

First Sentinel 2 images

Sentinel 2 has been in orbit for a week now and ESA has already delivered the first images... This is just crazy! Years ago we had to wait for months.

Commissioning will last for three...

Tutorial: Before/After Map

Few hours after releasing Landsat 8 Before/After I had a question on how to do it with other images than Landsat 8 previews. So here is a quick tutorial...

New Tool: Landsat 8 Before/After

Following recent projects, I'm glad to introduce another one based on Landsat 8 data.

Landsat 8 Before/After is a new tool which aim to ease before/after map creation using landsat 8 images (landsatlook images)...

New Tool: Landsat 8 Mosaic

Third month and third project! After "A Day Of Landsat 8" and "Landsat 8 Evolution", I'm glad to introduce another project based on Landsat 8 data.

"Landsat 8 Mosaic" is a new tool/service that will enable everyone to acces all Landsat 8 open imagery and compute mosaics...

New Tool: Landsat 8 Evolution

One month after my first projec "A Day Of Landsat 8", I'm glad to annonce a second one based on Landsat 8 data.

"Landsat Evolution" is a new tool/service that will enable everyone to acces all Landsat 8 open imagery and compute a time-serie gif animation...

New Tool: A day of Landsat 8

Days after days, new services designed to ease the access to Landsat 8 data pop up on the Internet. With the rise of cloud computing and new HTML standards this is just a beginning.

All those services share one common point...

19 March 2015 - a Date to Remember

Today has been a great day! Something just changed in the world of Landsat (and maybe globally for remote sensing). Several announcements by Mapbox, Developmentseed, ESRI and PlanetLabs around something called AWS made my day...

Villarrica Eruption

On March 3, 2015 Chilean authorities raised the Alert Level to Red after a violent eruption starts on the Villarrica volcano. Thousand of people were evacuated and no major damage has been reported after two days of eruption...

CN Train Derailment and fire

For sure this is my first post about Landsat imagery, and it won't be the last. This post show how landsat images can be used to monitor naturals disasters as well as a 'simple' train deraillement...