Yesterday (nov,15) I had the chance to give a talk for the 2017 GISDay. Montreal University Geography department was hosting its firt GISDay and kindly asked me if I wanted to give a talk. The talk was going to be about `How to access, process and visualize remote sensed data`, but due to a total denial of giving a talk, resulting in being under prepared, the talk was more about RemotePixel itself :-).

The slides can be found here (Warning: it's a 30Mb pdf and it's in french).

This time instead of using LOLcats gifs I decided to use some nice Landsat and Sentinel pictures created with

Iceland volcano (Landsat-8) - high resolution Iceland volcano false colors (Landsat-8) - high resolution Bahamas in False colors (Landsat-8) - high resolution Alaska (Landsat-8) - high resolution Montreal Fall (Landsat-8) - high resolution Alaska (Sentinel-2) - high resolution San Francisco (Landsat-8) - high resolution Iceland volcano (Landsat-8) - high resolution Artic Bay (Landsat-8) - high resolution Soldotna forest fire (Alaska)(Landsat-8) - high resolution