New Project: Disaster Watch

Building a plateform to access imagery where it's needed

New year, new project, new method...

During the past 4 month I've been working a project that should have been released early december, but sadly I had to put everything on hold (I hope I'll be able make it public in 2016). As the secret project is on hold, I'm thinking about another one. But for this one I'll try something different.

One 'leit motiv' for building was to ease access to satellite imagery. Following this idea, I'm launching a new project Disaster Watch (source code on Github).

Project aim is to create a simple and elegant plateform to visualize ongoing disaster location and able anyone to check satellite imagery covering its area.


  • Visualize recent disaster location
  • Add disaster
  • Visualize imagery on disaster area
  • BackEnd:

  • NodeJs REST like service (connect database, connect imagery provider services)
  • ElasticSearch or MongoDB database (save disaster location and information)
  • This new project is maybe too ambitious, and this is the reason why I'm asking for help!

    Help RemotePixel

    Project is not yet fully defined so if you have ideas or if you want to contribute please contact me @ or on Github.

    Services draft
    More info and Usefull links:
  • Github